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Ankle Monitoring Services


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All Counties DUI + Ankle Monitoring & Services works with some of the most recognized Attorneys in Georgia and works closely with many county Superior Courts and Sheriff’s Offices in the pursuit of dedication to public safety and fair and equitable treatment of defendants in the pretrial and post-trial release condition.

Keep your client out of jail with use of a GPS or

alcohol monitoring device. We have your solution by combining Advanced Tracking Technologies and Crime Analysis Tools to keep track of your clients. 

All County DUI + Ankle Monitoring & Services works with the Court Systems in many counties to deliver exceptional services with the exact needs of the Superior, State and Magistrate Judges in mind.

In addition to daily management of defendants released on Pre-Trial Bonds, All Counties DUI + Ankle Monitoring & Services can respond to any specific requirements set by Judges for level of contact escalation, detailed information on defendant movement, real time information in changes in defendant status, living arrangements, etc.

GPS Monitoring:


GPS monitoring enables exceedingly reliable movement and location tracking of defendants who are assigned the STOP (Satellite Tracking of People) monitor. The GPS ankle monitor provides the location of the client at all times through the Global Positioning System, allowing the individual to safely and securely live outside of incarceration. The benefits of the monitoring service allows us to aid law enforcement, courts, probation offices, bonding companies, parole officers, etc. 



Continuous Alcohol Monitoring:

The alcohol ankle monitoring program is designed to monitor the consumption of alcohol by pre-trial or convicted offenders. This is done through a SCRAMx CAM ankle monitor and is utilized by numerous judicial systems throughout the United States.   As a result, we can monitor sobriety and curfews with one, easy-to-use and reliable device. CAM is a water-resistant, battery-operated device that measures ingested alcohol through a sensor resting firmly on the client’s leg. This continuous alcohol monitoring device measures the defendant’s alcohol use via vaporous or insensible perspiration passed through the skin.


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