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Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program provides structure and accountability with understanding, tolerance and unconditional love believing that change is possible in our lives. We strive to accept our client exactly where they are at the time knowing that growth will come with change. 

Learning life skills, improving communication, building self-esteem and learning to solve problems are just a few of the components that make up the holistic treatment that we provide. 

Through our program we seek to bring the world that has been so out of reach for many addicts back within their reach. We also seek to empower our clients to take the leap of faith to improve their own world. Once the participant has completed the Drug & Alcohol program, he/she will receive a certificate of completion. 

Classes are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 


Give us a call at (706) 935-4384 to schedules your assessment, or if you have any questions.



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